Who are we?

At 14 Pyramides Notaires,
complexity is our business


Notaries and professionals at 14 Pyramides are trained in the firm’s legacy values: demanding the highest legal certainty, implementing decisions effectively, and acting creatively in order to allow the most complex projects to come to fruition, while at all times complying strictly with notarial ethics.

Philippine MAHOT

Notary Partner,
Chairman of 14 Pyramides Notaires

14 Pyramides Notaires is one of the leading French notarial offices, with 150 professionals, including 30 notaries and nearly 70 lawyers, who have obtained the official notarial degree or hold a higher specialised degree in notarial law or a notarial law degree.

With its strong ability to bring together multi-disciplinary teams with recognised capabilities (attorneys, notaries, surveyors, experts, planners, etc.) and to introduce cutting-edge information-sharing and deed-preparation methods, 14 Pyramides Notaires is capable of delivering to its clients high-level solutions within stringent deadlines.

At 14 Pyramides Notaires, our strength relies on a customer-focused approach, nurtured since the formation of our firm. Because of our ability to adapt to new situations and to understand our clients’ constraints and planning requirements, our firm supports a most diverse array of clients: individuals, enterprises, banks, local and Government authorities, social housing agencies, and professionals of the real estate and construction sectors.

Our firm is structured in practice areas, defined according to the categories of clients, and in support services offering to the practice areas all digital and physical resources necessary for effective monitoring and sharing of files.

As part of its intensive activity in fields such as public law, land planning and professional real estate, 14 Pyramides Notaires brings high-added-value solutions to the most complex issues, in particular in environmental matters and public law, through our co-operation with Professor Hervé de GAUDEMAR and Laurence ESTEVE DE PALMAS, Esq., attorney-at-law.

Also, 14 Pyramides Notaires has built very close work relationships with the TAJ law offices (William STEMMER) as regards real estate taxation, and in particular VAT. William STEMMER, Esq., has cooperated on numerous cases involving public authorities and their taxation and public accounting rules. He validates the tax regime applicable to transactions, our clients’ legal capacity in relation to transactional taxation, and the tax clauses that are to be inserted into legal instruments.

Highly geared towards new technologies and legal change, 14 Pyramides Notaires invests heavily in research and development related to digital solutions. With Unlatch, a start-up company, formerly named LegaLife Immobilier, we have initiated a project for the introduction of solutions for the digitalisation of sales on completion, which is currently the leader on its market.