Enterprises, executive officers and families

As a specialist in all issues related to the organisation and transmission of the assets of families and entrepreneurs, 14 Pyramides Notaires offers intelligent and secure solutions addressing all family and tax situations.

As regards the transmission of enterprises and assets, 14 Pyramides Notaires is one of the firms most respected by legal, accounting and financial professionals with whom we maintain long-lasting trust relationships.

The enterprise, executive officers and family practice group supports on a daily basis its clients and their regular counsels (attorneys, chartered accountants, private bankers, family offices, etc.), when coping with challenges related to the reconstruction of families and the taxation and transmission of assets.

14 Pyramides Notaires brings together the technical skills and creativity necessary to optimally combine civil-law and tax tools (Dutreil compact, cross-generation gift-sharing arrangements, substituting gifts, successive splitting of ownership rights, fiducie, etc.).

Team managers : Pierre-Alain GUILBERT, Agathe MICHEL.

Our assets
  • Multi-disciplinary specialists (Dutreil Compact, holding companies, conveyance to the next generations, divorce, matrimonial regimes, etc.)
  • International expertise (private international law, taxation, international treaties, etc.)
  • Solutions supporting the sustainability of your assets
  • Strong ties with other professionals of the legal, accounting and financial communities
  • Corporate governance and transmission
  • Structuring of the corporate and rental property
  • Succession planning, in France and abroad
  • Personal and wealth taxation
  • Mediation, arbitration
  • Digitalisation of family archives
  • Secretariat (individual and corporate)

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