Public-sector developers
and Government authorities

14 Pyramides Notaires is one of the notarial offices most recognised for its support to Government authorities, principally as regards their property management projects and urban development of their public and private domain.

As a property development and enhancement specialist, 14 Pyramides Notaires offers relevant and effective solutions to problems faced by public-sector developers and entities.

The Developers and Public Entities practice area regularly supports its clients facing the challenges inherent in urban rehabilitation and housing policy issues: creating a new neighborhood, revitalising central business districts, redesigning a town, giving a new economic impetus to a city.

14 Pyramides Notaires has the technical skills and creativity necessary to optimally combine all land development tools (spatial restrictions, compliance with new environmental standards, rural requirements, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.).

Team managers: Xavier LIEVRE, Frederic JOUVION, Claire PUMEL et Hervé de GAUDEMAR.

Our assets
  • Specialisation in complex property, public property, and environmental law
  • Support to cooperative projects steered by public authorities
  • Excellent knowledge of public and semi-public structures
  • Interdisciplinary work: surveyors, attorneys, notaries, architects, urban planners, etc.
  • Knowledge of the practices of the other players in the property sector, when dealing with developers and public entities
  • Volume ownership arrangements
  • Urban planning
  • Retail property planning permits
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Environmental law
  • Public property law

Smart towns

  • Mutability
  • Long-term leases
  • Schemes facilitating home-buying, in particular through the grant of concessional long-term leases through solidary home-ownership institutions
  • New uses of property
  • Requests for proposals in relation to innovative projects

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